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8 Things to do on a New Moon

1. Disconnect and Unplug

To work with the New Moon energies it’s a good idea to unplug for a while and take a break from social media, email and mobile phones. I will be switching off from tech quite early tomorrow and saying ‘no’ to TV and the internet all evening. Ahh bliss.

2. Declutter

Before I start my New Moon wishes ritual (see number 6) I will be spending some time getting things uncluttered and tidied up. I always find that decluttering my physical space leaves much more room for me to work on what’s going on inside, I’m less distracted and I find relaxing easier to do.

3. Clear the body

Treat yourself to a nice relaxing candlelit bath. You can add salt, rose petals, herbs or your favourite oils. This will help to relax the muscles, remove any stress being held anywhere in the body and allow you to concentrate on clearing the mind.

4. Yoga

Restorative yoga is the best choice here so choose poses which encourage maximum relaxation such as Child’s Pose, Legs up the Wall Pose, Happy Baby and Shavasana. Or check out a Yoga Nidra routine on YouTube to guide you through a restorative yoga routine.

5. Meditate

Meditation is good at any time but more so during the significant phases of the moon such as the full and new moon to help tap into those energies.

6. Make a wish

The New Moon is all about manifestation and is perfect for setting your New Moon wishes.

7. Journal and plan

The New Moon is also about planting the seeds for the future so it’s a great time to journal, plan, organise and get ready for action.

8. Divination

As I set my wishes for this moon phase I will also ask for guidance to help achieve my goals and dreams.

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