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7 Piece Healing Set

7 Piece Healing Set

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Each crystal is approximately 20mm - 50mm in length 

7 assorted rough crystals to create the ideal, little healing pack.

Crystals included:

Clear Quartz - Colourless or white. Large quantities found in Brazil or U.S. Said to be an all round healing stone that brings good luck.

Rose Quartz - Pink. The love crystal. Found in Brazil, U.S, Africa and South America. Said to promote love and romance, along with improving self image.

Green Quartz - Light to dark green. Found in Brazil. Like the colour of money, this crystal is said to bring prosperity.

Blue Quartz - Found in Brazil. This crystal is said to promote peacefulness and calms the mind.

Red Jasper - Found in Africa. This crystal is said to help you control your intense passionate nature.

Amethyst - Light lavender to deep purple. The six sided point of an amethyst crystal is said to point you in the right direction. Amethyst is also said to be a primary healing crystal. Found in Brazil.

Orange Calcite - This crystal is said to warm the soul and brings comfort to those who possess it. Found in Mexico.

Due to crystals being natural, each pack will be unique.

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